English For Success 学習内容

English for Success の各 Unit の中には "School Subjects"というレッスンがあり、次のような内容を英語で教えます。

特に最近追加されたUnit 11〜20は、NDE (New Dynamic Englihs) の Module 7, Module 8程度の高いレベルの英会話になっています。

Unit 1: Numbers, Operations(+,−、×、÷)、Fractions (分数)、Geometry

Unit 2: Matter(物質)、States of Matter(固体、液体、気体)、Energy

Unit 3: Earth, Directions(東西南北)、Time Zones

Unit 4: Nouns & Pronouns, Verbs

Unit 5: Numbers(整数、分数、小数)、Comparing Numbers, Prices

Unit 6: Motion & Force, Gravity, Atoms

Unit 7: Planet Earth, Land & Water, Locations(緯度、経度)

Unit 8: Adjectives, Adverbs, Prepositions, Conjunctions

Unit 9: Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Romses the Great(エジプトの王)

Unit 10: Time Units(秒、分、時)、 Temperature Units, Units of Weight & Distance

Unit 11: Waves, Sound, Light

Unit 12: Earth Motion, Earth Structure, Water Cycle(固体、液体、気体間の変換)

Unit 13: Antient History, Early Cities, Early Greece

Unit 14: Graphs, Coordinates, Linear Equations

Unit 15: Subjects & Objects(主語、目的語)、Verb Tenses(動詞の時制)、Modals(will, shall, may, can, must, had better, should, ought to)

Unit 16: Cells, Photosynthesis, Mitosis(染色体、遺伝子)

Unit 17: Genghiskhan, Ataturk(トルコ大統領)、Sun Yat Sen(中国政治家)

Unit 18: Political Units(Countries, Nations)、Types of Government, Government Services

Unit 19: Goods(商品) & Services, Credit, Supply & Demand

Unit 20: Modern History, Memory & Learning, Brain Systems

★School Subjects の一部をムーヴィーで見る★  

● motion_force

● atom

● adjectives

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